• Bluetooth Controlled Robot
    Table of Contents OverviewComponents UsedBlock DiagramArduinoDescriptionArduino Specifications:About Bluetooth module HC-05:L298N Based Motor Driver Module – 2ADescriptionDownload the Bluetooth RC controller app Overview Today in this article we are going to discuss How to make a Bluetooth Controlled car using Arduino so […]
  • Automatic Passenger Counting Systems Using Arduino
    Table of Contents OverviewBenefits of deploying a passenger counting system: Components UsedBlock DiagramArduino DescriptionArduno Specifications:IR Sensor as Visitor Detector16 × 2 standard LCD screenFinal Code Overview An automated counter system is an efficient solution for counting the number of people entering or […]
  • Read Temperature Sensor With MIT Inverter
    Table of Contents OverviewBlock Diagram:Pins connection:About Bluetooth module HC-05:About serial communication:LM-35 Temperature sensor:LM35 Temperature sensor FeaturesStep by step execution process:Final code:Output images: Overview This tutorial will help you connect App Inventor with a temperature sensor on an Arduino controller. Block […]
  • Control LED Using MIT App Inventor and Arduino
    Table of Contents OverviewDigital Pins connection:Block diagram:About Bluetooth module HC-05:About serial communication:Step by step execution process:MIT App Inventor HC05 with Arduino Programming:output images Overview Inventor of the MIT APP Arduino Bluetooth application. I have used Bluetooth mobile phone applications to […]
  • Automatic Room Temperature Controller Using Arduino
    Table of Contents Overview Arduno Specifications: Block diagram:About I2C communication protocol:FeaturesLM-35 Temperature sensor:LM35 Temperature sensor FeaturesStep by step execution process:Final code: Overview This project is about creating an automatic fan control system that automatically turns the fan on and off depending on […]
  • RTC Time Display in OLED using Arduino
    Table of Contents OverviewHardware & Software NeededProject circuit:DS3231 RTC DescriptionFeatures:Specification OLED Graphic DisplayOled Display Basic CodeReading time from ds3231 RTC module and display it on OLED Overview In this tutorial, we are going to make a digital clock with Arduino […]
  • How to interface interrupt in Arduino
    Table of Contents Overview Specifications:Digital Pins connection:Types of InterruptsExample ImplementationDigital Pins With InterruptsSource Code Output images Overview In this tutorial, we will look at Arduino interrupts. Interrupts are useful in many cases where a process simply wants to continue its […]
  • Keypad Interface With Arduino
    Table of Contents OverviewComponents to be Used:Installing the keyboard libraryHow does the keyboard work and how do I scan them?Installing the keyboard librarySource Code For 4 * 3Final Code For 4 * 4 Overview In today’s lesson, we will learn […]
  • ADC Multiplexer Interface To Arduino
    Table of Contents OverviewComponents RequiredCircuit DiagramFeaturesPinoutHow does it workTop layerBottom layerTop and bottom layerFinal code Overview Today, in this tutorial, we are going to interface 74HC4051 Multiplexer/Demultiplexer with Arduino. I will cover the multiplexing part first. Components Required Arduino NANO […]
  • Obstacle Avoidance Robot Using Arduino
    Table of Contents Overview Components RequiredBill of MaterialsCircuit DiagramFinal CodeOutput Images Overview Before building the robot, it is important to understand how the ultrasonic sensor works because this sensor will play an important role in obstacle detection. The basic principle […]
  • Watchdog Timer In STM32
    Table of Contents OverviewIndependent Watchdog (IWDG)StepsTranslation resultsRCC Mode and ConfigurationSYS Mode and Configuration IWDG Mode and Configuration with 20ms DelayPin Configuration LSI RC 40KhzModified codeFinal codeoutput waveforms20ms watchdog timer delayOff time40ms delay watchdog timer Overview In this tutorial, we will […]
  • RF-based speed control system for vehicles
    Table of Contents OverviewRequired Hardware ComponentsHardwareSoftware:Bill of MaterialsINTRODUCTIONBLOCK DIAGRAMINVENTO 433Mhz Wireless RF Transmitter Receiver Board With HT12D HT12E upto 100 mtr range for DIY ProjectsProduct DescriptionProduct DetailsL293D Motor Driver ModuleDescriptionFeatures :DC Motor – 60RPM – 12VoltsDescription Overview Today people drive […]
  • Coin Based Mobile Charger Using Arduino
    Table of Contents OverviewINTRODUCTIONRequired Hardware ComponentsHardwareSoftware:Bill of MaterialsArduino unoTech specs16 × 2 standard LCD screenGeneral specificationsPinoutSingle-Channel Relay Module Pin DescriptionSingle Channel Relay Module SpecificationsIR SensorFeatures:ConclusionFinal code Overview A coin-based mobile charging system provides an alternative solution for all mobile users […]
  • Smart Farming using IoT
    Table of Contents OverviewBlock Diagram Required Hardware ComponentsHardwareSoftware:IntroductionBill of MaterialsTools used in IoT technologies todayLM35 TO-92-3 Board Mount Temperature SensorsFeatures:Pin outSoil Moisture SensorSpecifications:-Connections:-Usage:-Light Dependent ResistorWhat are Photoresistors?Types of photoresistors and working mechanisms.Wavelength dependencySensitivityLatencyConstruction of PhotoresistorsTypical Applications of PhotoresistorsLight sensorAudio compressorsLight-dependent […]
    Table of Contents OverviewBlock Diagram:Required Hardware ComponentshardwareSoftware:Arduino unoTech specsL293D Motor Driver Shield for ArduinoFeatures of L293D Motor Driver Shield for Arduino:-Hc-05 Wireless Bluetooth Rf Transceiver Module Serial/Ttl/Rs232HC-05 Specifications:- HC-05 Applications:-LM35 TO-92-3 Board Mount Temperature SensorsFeatures:Pin out 150 RPM – 12V Centre […]
  • Intelligent irrigation control and safety system
    Table of Contents OverviewRequired Hardware ComponentsSOFTWAREADVANTAGESAPPLICATIONS:Arduino unoTech specs16 × 2 standard LCD screenGeneral specificationsPinoutSingle-Channel Relay Module Pin DescriptionSingle Channel Relay Module SpecificationsSoil Moisture SensorSpecifications:-Connections:-Usage:- Overview Agriculture continues to play an important role in the Indian economy. The agricultural sector is […]
    Preventing vehicle theft is causing a stir in today’s auto industry. The design and development of a theft control system for a car can be accomplished by making use of the GPS function of the mobile phone. The developed system […]
  • Exam Room Guide Using RFID
    The project aims to design an “Exam Room Guide” by which students can be guided for exams based on the confusion system. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card readers provide a low-cost solution for reading passive RFID transponder tags up to 2 inches away. RFID card readers can be used in a wide variety of hobby and commercial applications, including access control, automatic identification, robotic navigation, inventory tracking, payment systems, and car immobilization.
    The present project deals with wireless technology in the hotel management area. The present system working is a very tedious process ordering to one person, sending that with another person to the kitchen and sending the same to the cashier.
  • Real time-based street light control
    The aim of the project “street light management using pc” is to design a system using which the ac loads (street lights) can be controlled through pc using the Arduino through which the power management can be optimized.
  • How To Update The Firmware In Microcontroller’s Using An Android Phone
    In this tutorial, I want to show you how to flash the code using a mobile phone application. Nearly every embedded system needs the ability to have its firmware updated in the field to add new features or fix bugs. […]
  • How to read Current GSM TIME and Date using AT command
    GSM Network time synchronization for RTC using AT+CLTS command Since I had started designing the VALTRACK GPS trackers, I have always had trouble with maintaining the correct time on the tracking device because once I remove the battery, the PIC RTC […]
  • How to Interface RTC using PIC
    In this tutorial, we are going to discuss RTC Interfacing with PIC24. Before that, we should know about the RTC (PCF8563) operations. Let’s start. Table of Contents Components Required:Features and benefitsI2c IntroductionStep 1Setting Baud Rate When Operating as a Bus […]
  • How to Send Data/Push to Server Using GSM800 Modem with PIC Microcontroller
    Table of Contents Requirements:Hardware:Software:PIC24FJ256GA110 FAMILYPin diagram of PIC24Now we are going to see PIC24 Interrupt and GMS Data Send to Server Tutorial.Asynchronous Communication:Synchronous Communication:Full-duplex Communication:Half-duplex Communication:Why do we need to use PIC UART Interrupt?PIC24 UART Interrupt RegistersFurthermore, to use pic […]
  • How to interface UART communication using PIC MPLAB
    In this tutorial we learn to Enable UART communication with PIC Microcontroller and how to transfer data to and from your Computer. Now, we will equip our self with a new communication tool called UART which widely used in most of […]
  • How to Interface MPU6050 (Accelerometer) with Raspberry pi using Python
    Table of Contents IntroductionComponents requiredSchematic DiagramCode Introduction Hi guys , in this article we will see how to interface MPU6050 accelerator with raspberry pi using python Language. Acclerometer reads the acceleration of the sensor. This module gives the three axis […]
  • How to read Location from GPS module and send Location with SMS using GSM module
    Table of Contents IntroductionComponents RequiredSchematic DiagramConnectionsCodeOutput Introduction Hi guys, in this we will see how to read the present location from the GPS module and this location to the user from the GSM module as SMS. Components Required Raspberry Pi […]
  • How to send SMS with GSM module from Raspberry Pi using Python
    Introduction Hi guys, in this article we will see how to interface GSM Module with Raspberry pi and send SMS using python. Components Required Raspberry Pi (with OS installed SD card) – 1 GSM module (SIM800) – 1 TTL Converter […]
  • How to Blink an Led Using PIC Microcontroller
    In this tutorial we will learn How to Blink an LED with PIC Microcontroller using MPAB XC16 Compiler. Recently Microchip released a series of development tools including MPLAB X IDE and MPAB XC Compilers. MPLAB X IDE is a software that runs on a computer […]
  • STM32 Realtime Clock Example
    Table of Contents Real-time clockComponents Required:Feature of STM32 RTC BlockAnd now, let’s build this system step-by-stepStep1: Open CubeIDE & Create New ProjectStep2: Choose The Target MCU & Double-Click Its NameStep3: Configure The RTC PeripheralCODESet date and timeGet Date and timeFinal […]
  • How to use ADC in STM32F103C8T6/STM32F303
    Table of Contents A/D Converters (ADC)Components Required:STM32F303ADC in STM3212-bit ResolutionSTM32 ADC FormulasADC Conversion TimeADC FeaturesAnd now, let’s build this system step-by-stepSTEP 1: Open CubeIDE & Create New ProjectSTEP 2: Choose The Target MCU & Double-Click Its NameSTEP 3: Configure The […]
  • How to Interface AMG8833 Thermal Camera with Arduino Nano
    Table of Contents IntroductionRequirementsTechnical specificationArduino Wiring & TestConnectionsOutput Introduction What is thermal camera Thermal imaging cameras are devices that translate thermal energy (heat) into visible light in order to analyze a particular object or scene. The image produced is known as a thermogram […]
  • STM32f103 microcontroller Led on/off control with Push Button as Input
    The post explains about how to use stm32 pins as input using stmcubeIDE. A simple led on/off tutorial with push button as input is made to explain the coding and working. When a push button is pressed the led turns […]
  • How to interface Panasonic PIR sensor with Arduino
    Hi guys, this blog is about how to interface Panasonic PIR sensor with Arduino nano microcontroller. Prerequirements: Arduino Nano Panasonic PIR Sensor (EKMC1603111) Buzzer Resistor 15 kohm Breadboard Jumper Wires PIR Specifictions: PIR sensor has the below specifications. Item Specifications […]
  • How To Receive UART Serial Data With STM32 – Interrupt – Polling
    Table of Contents HAL. USART. Data transferRequirementsIntroduction To UARTUsing the POLL methodOutput Using the INTERRUPTOpen #include “stm32f3xx_it.h”OutputUsing the POLL methodUsing the INTERRUPTDownload Code: HAL. USART. Data transfer In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing the USART / UART hardware in STM32 microcontrollers. Starting with an […]
  • LED Blinking using STM32
    After working a lot with 8-bit microcontrollers and learning all the protocols and functions they offer, now I thought to switch to 32-bit microcontrollers. I decided to go with arm 32-bit processors, because of their popularity in the market. I […]
  • Send data to server using stm32 and GSM/800/900/M66 module With thingspeak
    Hi everyone, this blog is to send a data to ThingSpeak server using the STM32 microcontroller. Table of Contents What are AT commands?Requirements:UsageTypes of AT Commands:List of AT commands:List of commands used in this project and their descriptionTO CHECK THE […]
    Program STM32F4 with UART STM32F3 devices have a great feature. They can be programmed with the only USB to UART converter. Each device has a bootloader inside, which supports UART programming. This is not a very great method for Discovery […]
  • How to send SMS with GSM (SIM800) using STM32F1(Bluepill) in Keil IDE
    Table of Contents Introduction:Requirements:Schematic Diagram:Code:Output: Introduction: Hi, in this article we will see how to send SMS with SIM800 GSM module using blue pill microcontroller in Keil IDE. SIM800 is a quad-band module 850/900/1800/1900MHz and this module support USART Communication. […]
  • Lora SX1276/7/8/9 Library for STM32F103C in Keil
    Hi guys this article is to discuss the Lora module interfacing with the STM32F blue pill board. The driver is implemented to transmit and receive the data between two devices in Keil IDE using the HAL driver. This library mostly […]
  • How to monitor Sensor values in Blynk App using Raspberry Pi
    Hi guys, in this article we will discuss how to monitor the DHT sensor values in the Blynk application. For this we should have an account in the Blynk app, we can signup into Blynk either by Gmail or Facebook. […]
  • How to display DHT sensor values on GUI application in raspberry pi
    Hi guys, this article is to read the DHT sensor values temperature and humidity, these values are displayed on the PyQt5 GUI application. This GUI is designed in Qt designer (see below image) and converted to the .py file. DHT11 […]
  • Posting Sensor Values to the Server using WiFi Module with Arduino Uno
    Table of Contents Introduction:Requirements:Code:Output Screenshots: Introduction: In this tutorial, I am going to explain about sending sensor values to the thing speak server. ThingSpeak is an open-source server, so users just need to sign up with your email id. After […]
  • How to Interface MQ 2 with Arduino
    Introduction: MQ 2 or MQ6 is Gas leakage sensor which consists of 4 pins. This module is used to detect the gases like butane, propane and LPG. VCC – 5v DC GND – ground D0 – Digital out A0 – […]
  • How to Interface DHT 11 with Arduino
    Introduction: DHT 11 is a sensor which gives temperature and humidity of the air molecules. It is an 3 pin Module. VCC – 5v D0 – digital out (sensor values transmit from this pin) GND – ground Requirements: Arduino UNO […]
  • How to Interface IR Sensor with Arduino
    Introduction: IR sensor module will have 3pins VCC, GND and D0 respectively. VCC – +5V DC GND – Ground D0 – Digital Out Requirements: Arduino UNO – 1 IR Module – 1 Jumper Wires This module consists of two leds […]
  • How to Interface Ultra sonic sensor with Arduino
    Table of Contents Interfacing Ultrasonic sensor with Arduino UNOPins Explanation:Working:Code Explanation:OUTPUT: Interfacing Ultrasonic sensor with Arduino UNO HC-SR04 As show in the figure HC-SR04 is an ultrasonic sensor. It is an 4pin module consists of Vcc, Trig, Echo and GND. […]
  • Led Blinking and Fading
    Led Blinking: We will see blinking an normal dc led with arduino. Requiremnts: Arduino UNO Board – 1 No. LED – 1 No. Potentiometer – 1 No. Breadboard – 1 No. Below program is to blink an led with delay […]
  • How to do Arduino Coding for beginners
    In Arduino, we can do coding in C and C++ languages. We will discuss how can code in C++ language and some basic predefined functions in Arduino Code structure will be as follow: The above program is an example of […]
  • Download Arduino
    How to download and install Arduino IDE  To download arduino ide go to the official website arduino.cc or alternatively click here Arduino IDE Select the respective operating system. for example click on windows then site will be redirect to the […]
  • Arduino UNO
    Arduino Uno Arduino Uno is a development board. It is flexible with any sensors and modules (for example: Ultrasonic, IR, lm35, GSM module, GPS module, etc.,). Arduino UNO Board Arduino Specifications: Microcontroller is ATmega328 Atmega328 is 28 pin IC Operating […]