Computer Vision

  • Types of Images Image Arithmetic
    Table of Contents Types of ImagesThe binary imageFormat2 , 3 , 4 ,5 ,6 bit color format8 bit color formatFormatBehind gray scale image:16 bit color formatAnother distribution of 16 bit format is like this:Indexed ImagesHow to add a constant to an ImageHow to Subtract a constant to an ImageHow to Divide a constant to an […]
  • Digital Image Processing
    Table of Contents What is an Image???What is Digital image processingHow a digital image is formedPIXEL RESOLUTIONPixelResolutionMegapixelsCalculating the mega pixels of the cameraAspect ratioAdvantage:Concept of ZoomingZoomingOptical Zoom vs digital ZoomOptical Zoom:Digital Zoom:Zooming methods:1: Pixel replication:Introduction:Working:For example:Row wise zooming:Column size zooming:New image size:Advantage and disadvantage:2: Zero order holdIntroductionWorkingFor exampleRow wise zoomingColumn wise zoomingNew image sizeAdvantages and […]
    Table of Contents VariablesArray, MatrixLong Array, MatrixGenerating Vectors from functionsMatrix IndexConcatenation of MatricesOperators (arithmetic)Matrices OperationsOperators (Element by Element)The use of “.” – “Element” OperationBasic Task: Plot the function sin(x) between 0≤x≤4πPlot the function e-x/3sin(x) between 0≤x≤4πPlot the function e-x/3sin(x) between 0≤x≤4πDisplay FacilitiesOperators (relational, logical)Flow ControlControl StructuresUse of M-FileWriting User Defined FunctionUseful Commands Variables No need […]
  • Introduction to MATLAB
    Introduction to MATLAB MATLAB is basically a high level language which has many specialized toolboxes for making things easier for us What are we interested in? Matlab is too broad for our purposes in this course. The features we are going to require is Matlab Screen