This article explains how to connect an Atmel-ICE to an Arduino MEGA 2560 via the ICSP header with Arduino.

Atmel-ice debugger: Atmel-ice debugger has two ports SAM and AVR as shown below figure

Components Required Table

2ATmega 25601https://www.amazon.in/IDUINO-ATmega-Compatible-Arduino

Steps: Attach the Atmel-ICE ribbon cable to the Atmel ICE using the connector on the body of the Atmel-ICE marked AVR to the ICSP pins on the body of the Arduino board.

Note: Please remember to use the AVR port and NOT the SAM port or connection when pinning it in.

Connect the ICSP header of the Arduino MEGA 2560 to the 6-pin (3 2) header located at the other end of the ribbon cable. Make sure the key pointing at the USB connector side of the Arduino MEGA by the 6-pin connector at the end of the ribbon cable. To confirm the relationship, look at the pictures below.

On most lines, the red wire designates the first pin; however, in this case, the red wire is connected to the middle pin of the 6-pin connector on the Arduino board. Make sure the connection’s tip is towards the controller while using the board.

Pin 1 of the ICSP header on the Arduino MEGA is marked with a small dot

Arduino IDE Settings for Arduino board:

Go to tools -> Boards -> Arduino AVR Boards -> Arduino Mega or Mega 2560.

Arduino IDE Settings for ATMEL-ICE  Debugger:

Select the programmer you are using to flash the code.

Tools – > Programmer – > Atmel – ICE (AVR)

Steps to flash code in Arduino Board using IDE through ICSP :

Write an Example blink code and check for no errors

Go to – > Sketch – > Upload Using programmer – > or Ctrl+shift+u

To upload the code in the mega board.

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