Privacy Policy

Privacy Principles

Welcome to (the “Site”). We are aware that users of our website value their privacy when using it for business purposes. This policy applies to both visitors to our site (referred to as “Visitors”) who do not engage in commercial activity and visitors (referred to as “Authorized Customers”) who register to conduct business on our site and make use of our various offerings (referred to as “Services” together).

“Personally Identifiable Information” 

is any information, including but not limited to name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, financial profile, social security number, and credit card information, that identifies or can be used to locate the person to whom such information pertains. Information that is gathered anonymously (that is, without identifying the specific user) or demographic data unrelated to an identified individual does not constitute personally identifiable information.

What types of personally identifiable data are gathered?

All of our visitors may provide us with basic information for their user profiles. The names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of our authorized customers are also collected, along with information about their businesses’ size and type, as well as the quantity and type of advertising inventory they intend to buy or sell.

How is Personally Identifiable Information Used on the Site?

In order to personalize the Site, provide pertinent service offerings, and complete buying and selling requests on the Site, we use personally identifiable information. We might send emails to Visitors and Authorized Customers with information on the Site’s topics of interest, research possibilities, or buying and selling opportunities. In order to respond to specific requests or to deliver requested information, we may additionally contact Visitors and Authorized Customers using Personally Identifiable Information.

To whom may the information be disclosed?

Authorized Customers’ personally identifiable information may be disclosed to other Authorized Customers who want to assess possible business dealings with other Authorized Customers. With our connected agencies and third-party partners, we may share aggregated data about our visitors, including their demographics and Authorized Customers. We also give customers the option to “opt-out” of receiving communications from us or any third parties working on our behalf.

How are personally identifiable records kept?

Except for the purposes mentioned above, Mevihub securely stores all personally identifiable data obtained. Neither third parties nor Mevihub personnel have access to this information.

Does the Site Use Cookies?

There are numerous uses for cookies. To learn more about the choices and services that visitors choose, we employ cookies. In order to safeguard our authorized customers, we also utilize cookies for security purposes. For instance, we will automatically log off an Authorized Customer if the site is not used for more than 10 minutes while they are logged in.

How is the login information used by Mevihub?

Mevihub uses login data, such as IP addresses, ISPs, and browser types, among other things, to operate the Site, track a user’s whereabouts and use, and compile a wide demographic profile.

Who among our affiliates, service providers, and visitors to the site has access to the personally identifiable data we collect from them?

Mevihub has formed partnerships and other affiliations with a variety of vendors and will do so in the future. When determining whether an Authorized Customer qualifies for a service, such suppliers may have access to specific Personally Identifiable Information based on a need-to-know basis. Our privacy policy does not apply to how they gather or utilize this data. Legal compliance requires the disclosure of personally identifiable information. In response to a court order, subpoena, or request for information from a law enforcement agency, we may disclose personally identifiable information.

Can a visitor deactivate or delete the personally identifiable data the site has collected about them?

We give site visitors and authorized customers the option to erase or deactivate their personally identifiable information by contacting us. However, it can be impossible to erase a Visitor’s entry without leaving behind some residual data because of backups and records of deletions. We will functionally remove personally identifiable information related to a person who requests it be deleted, and we won’t sell, transfer, or utilize that person’s personally identifiable information in any other way going forward.

How is the Privacy Policy Affected by Changes?

When we make changes to our privacy policy, we’ll post those changes on the Site to notify Visitors and Authorized Customers. But if we’re altering our privacy policy in a way that might result in the disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information that a Visitor or Authorized Customer has previously asked us not to disclose, we’ll let them know so they can stop it from happening.


There are links on to other websites. Please be aware that clicking on one of these links will take you to a different website. Because these websites’ privacy policies can differ from ours, we recommend you read theirs as well.