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Coin Based Mobile Charger Using Arduino

Overview A coin-based mobile charging system provides an alternative solution for all mobile users to charge their mobile phones during travel or in an emergency situation where they may not have conventional power banks....

Intelligent irrigation control and safety system

Overview Agriculture continues to play an important role in the Indian economy. The agricultural sector is changing the socio-economic environments of the population due to liberalization and globalization. The irrigation system in India has...

Exam Room Guide Using RFID

The project aims to design an “Exam Room Guide” by which students can be guided for exams based on the confusion system. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card readers provide a low-cost solution for reading passive RFID transponder tags up to 2 inches away. RFID card readers can be used in a wide variety of hobby and commercial applications, including access control, automatic identification, robotic navigation, inventory tracking, payment systems, and car immobilization.

Real time-based street light control

The aim of the project “street light management using pc” is to design a system using which the ac loads (street lights) can be controlled through pc using the Arduino through which the power management can be optimized.

How to interface Panasonic PIR sensor with Arduino

Hi guys, this blog is about how to interface Panasonic PIR sensor with Arduino nano microcontroller. Prerequirements: Arduino Nano Panasonic PIR Sensor (EKMC1603111) Buzzer Resistor 15 kohm Breadboard Jumper Wires PIR Specifictions: PIR sensor...